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Ijen Crater tour

Tourist of ijen crater is one of famous tourism destination in the world, there is an phonomena happened due to processing of nature gas meet air in certain temperatur and emmited blue ray, it’s known by blue fire, we provided a transport car and another thing to need in travelling to ijen crater, we are also serving in ordering a hotel or homestay to spend of night before hiking to mount of ijen, blue fire is only able to be enjoid an night about at 02.00 am until sunrising. 

Detail information visited to http://mountijenblogspot.blogspot.com

  • Contac to phone +6282337498859
  • blue fire
  • Located at mount of ijen arround 2,795m above of level sea
  • Ijen crater have turquose colours on surface of water and consist of the bigest acidit in the world. 
  • Guiding at top of ijen crater in sunrise poin


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